Prymal Trading Company, LLC

Application Filed: 2021-02-01
Trademark Application Details
Trademark Logo PRYMAL PETS

Mark For: PRYMAL PETS? trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of costumes for animals; Animal skins; Animal skins; Pet collars bearing medical information; Animal collars; Furs; Hair bows for pets; Worked or partially worked animal skins or other leather; Collars for animals; Clothing for animals; Bits for animals; Blankets for animals; Harness, saddles and bridles for animals; Leashes for animals; Electronic pet collars; Blankets and coats for animals; Fly masks for animals; Saddlery, whips and clothing for animals; Collars for pets; Skins for slaughtered animals; Carriers for animals; Gaiters for animals; Saddles and bridles, harnesses for animals; Pet leashes; Clothing for pets; Harnesses for animals; Trunks made of kori weave; Luggage tags; Coin purses made of leather; Leather straps; Purses, not of precious metal; Saddlery; Cosmetic bags empty; Straps for handbags; Parasols; Chain mesh purses; Collars for cats; Purses, not of precious metal; Leather briefcases; Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; Textile shopping bags; Umbrellas for protection against rain; Horse collars; Beach bags; Handbags, not of precious metal; Synthetic leather; Frames for purses; Purse; Leather suitcases; Backpack racks for carrying children; Purses for attachment to the wrist; Trunks; Sporrans; Horse saddles; Shoe bags; Carrying cases for documents; Cases for nightwear; Trunks made of leather; Leather board; Moleskin; Sunshades; Traveling sets; Belly and hip pockets; Rawhide chews for dogs; Tie cases for travel; Saddlebags; Seat sticks; Wallets with card slots; Bits; Suitcase; Small suitcases; Barrel-shaped bags; Rattan walking sticks; Canvas bags; Martingales; Empty tool bags; Neck and shoulder straps; Leather straps; Knapsack; Phone card cases; Purse; Elastic bags for clothing; Purses; Packaging containers of leather for industrial use; Garment bags; Compressible luggage inserts; Umbrella sticks; Umbrellas for children; Garment bags for suits, shirts and dresses; Hunting whips; Key cases in the form of bags; Noseband; Guide lines for horses; Shoe bags for travel; Empty doctor's case; Motorized suitcases; Hip pockets; Credit card holder; Key cases made of imitation leather; Leather for shoes; Baby carrier bags; Small rucksacks; Pouches to be carried around the waist; Traveling bags and suitcases; School bags; Handbags, purses and wallets; Business card cases in the nature of wallets; Leather pouch; Tool bags empty; Briefcase; Credit card cases made of imitation leather; Briefcases, document folders; Suitcases; Vanity cases; Shield rings; Men's bags; Horse gaiters; Key cases; Leatherette; Saddlery made of leather; Driving license cases; Satchel; Horse bandages; Straps for luggage; Reusable shopping bags; Riding crops; Make-up case; Music folders; Imitation leather; Capes for horses; Baggage; Bridle strap; Muzzles; Snake skin; Leather chinstraps; Chain mesh wallets; Spring guide sleeves made of leather; Artist portfolios; Gold bat skin; Hat boxes made of imitation leather; Knapsacks; Bags, envelopes, pouches of leather for packaging; Stick handles; Riding crops; Leather document cases; Leather belts; Faux fur; Bags; Bridles for horses; Traveling bags; Dog shoes; Parkas for dogs; Harness for horses; Luggage for travel; Tail guards for horses; Luggage covers; Key cases made of leather and skins; Luggage straps; Hunting chairs; Poultry blinders to avoid fighting; Wallets for fastening on the wrist; Bum bags; Gripping handbags; Fittings for harness; Japanese paper umbrellas; Business card cases; Card cases; Leather shopping bags; Leather straps for military equipment; Body attachable baby carriers; Key holder; Reins; Knocking whips; Luggage tags of metal; Mouthpiece; Handbags made of imitation leather; Compression bags for luggage; Stirrup leathers; Card pockets; Plastic horseshoes; Fashion handbags; Purses filled with jewelery; Women's handbags; Wading sticks; Headbands for horses; Toiletry bags that are offered empty; Saddles for horses; Loop pockets; Polyurethane leather; Going out bags; Faux fur bags; Diaper bags; Make-up cases; Leather purses; Flight bags; Baby back carriers; Wallets with card holders; Head straps for horses; Terry bags; Exercise rugs for horses; Pads for riding saddles; Dog coats; Horse cloak; Artificial leather; Adapted tips for walking sticks; Tool bags for motorcycles; Bag from Leather; Small men's bags; Handles for umbrellas; Leather linen; Credit card holders made of leather; Combinations of walking sticks and umbrellas; Baby slings for hanging around the neck; Metal horseshoes; Document case; Skins sold by quantity; Multipurpose tote bags; Diplomatic bags; Drawstring bags; Drawstring pockets; Shoulder straps; Rucksacks; Umbrella poles for umbrellas or parasols; Wallets for holding banknotes; Credit card cases; Belt bags; Briefcases, document cases; Baby carrier bags; Covers for umbrellas; Covers for horse saddles; Wallets for fastening to the ankle; Book bags; Daybags; Pocket backpacks; Minaudières; Leather shoulder straps; Beach bags; Leather for furniture; Dog diapers in the form of a waist band; Leather goods; Trolley travel bags; Harness; Wallets; Sheets of imitation leather for further processing; Lockable luggage straps; Bags with wheels; Hides; Horse blankets; Gaiters and non-medicated knee wraps for horses; Leather suitcase; Metal parts adapted for umbrellas; Empty vanity cases; Two-wheeled shopping bags; Leather and imitations of leather; Horseshoes, not of metal; Trunks and traveling bags; Luggage; Purses of precious metal; Robes for dogs; Suitcase with wheels; Leather furniture covers; Collars for horses; Prepared hides; Golf umbrellas; Wallets for attachment to belts; Music cases; All-purpose sports bags; Horse clothing; Conference folders; Leather briefcases; Handbag casings; Roll bags; Small travel bags; Boxes and cans made from vulcanized fiber; Baby slings; Travel bags for air travel; Slings for carrying babies; Articles for dressing horses; Athletics bags; Hat boxes for travel; Cases for storing keys; Umbrellas and parasols; Hiking bags; Suitcases for short trips; School backpacks; Leather labels; Tie pockets; Backpacks for mountaineers; Hunting bags; Linen shopping bags; Tool bags of leather; Travel bags; Trunks; Felt pouch; Weekend bags; Business suitcase; Blankets for horses; Attaché pockets made of imitation leather; Horseshoe; Hat boxes of leather; Child carrier bags; Empty toiletry bags; Traveling sets; Saddle trees; Hiking backpacks; Bags for change; Leather rivets; Baby carriers; Season ticket cases; Waist pockets; Chamois leather, not for cleaning purposes; Shoulder bags; Luggage tags made of rubber; Raincoats for dogs; Small suitcases; Gladstone Bags; Umbrella frame; Handles for shopping bags and bags; Harness of leather; Feed bags; Leather straps; Travel bags for sportswear; Umbrellas and parasols; Foldable wallets; Knitted bags; Iron fittings for harnesses; Japanese umbrellas made of oil paper; Custom luggage tags; Cosmetic bags; Walking sticks; Leather boxes; Shoulder straps; Snaffles; Tefillin; Travel bags to be worn on the wrist or shoulder; Luggage with wheels; Umbrellas; Cases adapted for collapsible walking sticks; Leather handbags; Bags made of leather; Gym bag; Handbags; Shopping bags; Dog clothes; Briefcases and portfolios; Cabin suitcase; Small backpacks; Toiletry bags for carrying toiletries; Face masks for horses; Key cases made of leather; Collapsible walking sticks; Walking sticks; Leather coin purses; Lead reins; Unmatched vanity cases; Toiletry bag; Briefcases for storing documents; Travel bags made of imitation leather; Telescopic umbrellas; Handbags; Saddlecloths; Whips; Leather bows for further processing; Suitcases for travel purposes; Large bags; Shoulder strap; Leather credit card wallets; Leisure bags; Card cases made of imitation leather; Spur straps; Pochettes; Hard purses of precious metal; Knapsack with wheels and an extendable transport handle; Garment bags; Garden umbrellas; Shaving bags empty; Leather handbags; Leather sold by quantity; Covers for parasols; Garment bags for travel; Messenger bags; Shoulder bags; Boxes of leather; Bridles for horses; Pouch bags; Empty makeup bags; Card wallets; Souvenir bags; Tanned leather; Imitation leather; Leather luggage straps; Coats for cats; Straps made of imitation leather; Knee gaiters for horses; Shopping bags with wheels; Patio umbrellas; Reins; Stirrup; Beach umbrellas; Knitted bags without gems; Shopping bags for groceries; Straps for trunks; Camping bags; Whalebone ribs for umbrellas; Diaper bags; Leather thread; Men's handbags; Leather bags and purses; Sports bag; Rain or parasol poles; Ice skate straps; Leather briefcases; Leather card cases; Chevrea ; Leather cords; Sticks; Fly rugs for horses; Luggage; Boxes of leather or leather cardboard; Stirrup leathers of leather; Credit card holder; Small suitcases for short trips; Coats for dogs; Slouch bags; Purses; Toilet bags; Girths; Walking sticks; Carrying cases; Clutches; Credit card holders made of leather; Stirrups of metal; Rubber inserts for stirrups; Raw or semi-worked leather; Back skins; Forearm pockets; Randsels; Dog leashes; Boston bags; Suitcase handles; Duffel bags; Purses for attachment to belts; Transport bags; Baby carriers to be worn on the body; Multi-purpose sports trolley bags; Travel bags made of plastic materials; Shopping bags made of leather; Leather valves; Bags for clothing; Sports bags; Imitation leather sold by quantity; Blinders; Pouches for storing make-up items, keys and other personal effects; Suitcase straps; Dog collars; Key cases; Duffel bags for travel; Shoulder bags for children; Frames for coin purses; Boxes made of leather or leatherboard; Hoof boots; Straps for coin purses; Umbrella handles; Boxes made of imitation leather; Briefcases; Beach umbrellas; Partially worked fur; Waterproof bags; Briefcases; Umbrella cases; Tension cords; Leather, raw or semi-worked; Charm bags; Furniture covers of leather; Waterproof parasols; Reins; Leather wallets; Mountain sticks; Shopping networks; School book bags; Work bags; Vanity cases; Leather for harnesses; Japanese multi-purpose bags; Cases for storing documents; Business card pouch; Leather covers for furniture; Horse halter; Foal halter; Lunging lines; Plastic luggage tags; Bags for sportswear; Studs for horseshoes; Wallets; Garment bags for travel made of leather; Carrier bags for suits; Running belts for children; Trolley suitcase; Bags made of imitation leather; Case with integrated shelf; Multi-purpose bags; Toiletry bags; Covers for umbrellas; Saddlecloths for horses; Walking stick handles; Sea bags; Rollable bags; Shopping bags with rollers; Credit card cases.


2021-02-05 UTC
LIVE APPLICATION Awaiting Examination
The trademark application has been accepted by the Office (has met the minimum filing requirements) and has not yet been assigned to an examiner.

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Serial Number90502585
Mark Literal ElementsPRYMAL PETS
Mark TypeTrademark
Current LocationNEW APPLICATION PROCESSING 2021-02-04
Basis1(a) 44(e)
Class StatusACTIVE
Primary US Classes
  • 001: Raw or Partly Prepared Materials
  • 002: Receptacles
  • 003: Baggage Animal Equipments, Portfolios and Pocketbooks
  • 022: Games, Toys and Sporting Good
  • 041: Canes, Parasols and Umbrellas
Primary International Class
  • 018 - Primary Class
  • (Leather goods) Leather and imitations of leather, and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes; animal skins, hides; trunks and traveling bags; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery.
Filed UseYes
Current UseYes
Intent To UseNo
Filed ITUNo
44D FiledNo
44E CurrentYes
66A CurrentNo
Current BasisNo
No BasisNo
Attorney NameNyall Engfield
Attorney Docket NumberPRYMA-003


2020-07-13Trademark Registered
2020-11-01Date of First Use
2020-11-01Date of Use In Commerce
2021-02-01Application Filed
2021-02-04Status: Live/Pending
2021-02-04Status: New application will be assigned to an examining attorney approximately 3 months after filing date.
2021-02-04Transaction Date

Trademark Parties (Applicants & Owners)

Party: Prymal Trading Company, LLC
Address1120 S. Rosedale Sq. Webb City, MISSOURI UNITED STATES 64870
Legal Entity TypeLimited Liability Company
Legal Entity StateMISSOURI



Attorney of Record

16950 VIA DE SANTA FE SUITE 5060-107

Good, Services, and Codes

International Codes:18
U.S. Codes:001,002,003,022,041
International Codes:20
U.S. Codes:002,013,022,025,032,050
International Codes:21
U.S. Codes:002,013,023,029,030,033,040,050
Type CodeType

Trademark Filing History

DescriptionDateProceeding Number

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